Sofa’s Indie App Santa Promotion Results

I was lucky enough to participate in Indie App Santa on January 11. It’s a fun daily promotion of indie apps created by François Boulais.

The idea behind Indie App Santa is that for 24 hrs only, there needs to be a discount or promotion of some kind. Since Sofa is already free, I went with making all Winter themes free for the day. They are normally $0.99 each.

Diving headfirst into my “Year of Expansion” seemed like a good opportunity to get Sofa in front of more people.

The Results

  • 5,200 new app downloads
  • 7,720 winter themes “purchased” for free

Was it worth it?

Heck yes! I see a lot of long-term value in Sofa. Giving away some themes to get in front of new people was an easy decision to make.

Some random thoughts

  • 5,000+ installs in one day are great!
  • People love themes (and free stuff) which further confirms my idea that selling themes could be sustainable
  • I’m curious how many of these new folks will buy a theme in the future


This promo revealed the greatest bug I’ve ever written, endless celebration.